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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

They're always so...

I dislike hearing that kids with Down syndrome are always:

So happy!
So strong.
So stubborn.
So sweet!
So cute!!!


Lauren is happy a lot of the time. But always? Heck to the no. Wouldn't that be nice? If you think she's always happy I would be happy to invite you over around 3:15pm on any given Tuesday when she is absolutely sick and tired of therapy.

So strong? Yeah, she's got a good grip. But people act like "special needs people" have this crazy amount of physical strength. I won't tell you the phrase I've heard instead of the one in parentheses. I'm pretty sure most babies develop a pretty good grip!

Lauren is pretty stubborn. So is my husband. And my son. As well as a few other people we know.

Always sick- Lauren has been sick. She's been really sick. But always? No. She gets stuffy noses. But there are underlying causes for illnesses. An extra chromosome doesn't magically make somebody have a cold.

So sweet! Yes, Lauren is extremely sweet. A lot of the time! But again, I don't think this is due to her extra chromosome. I think it's because she has an amazing personality!

So cute? Okay, I'll give you this one. Kids with Down syndrome are extremely cute. But keep in mind that it's pretty rude to call an adult cute. It's patronizing, you know? Puppies are cute. People with Down syndrome grow up to be real adults with adult responsibilites, adult feelings and adult personalities.

The point is that generalizations rarely pan out. Absolutes like always or never pretty much suck. Any good qualities that my kids have (and there are a lot of good qualities!) are a testament to their personalities more than anything.

Think of it this way. If someone saw your child acting very well behaved and said to you, "They're always so sweet!" wouldn't you be thinking something along the lines of "Who are you, why do you know how my kid "always" is and feel free to come over for dinner if you want your mind changed!"


  1. I really enjoyed this post! I feel exactly the same way...

  2. That was my favorite pet peeve too! Gosh I hated that (I think I'll be posting something about that from an older piece of writing when I get around to posting some "Retro Jessie" pieces for the 31 for 21). But I am so glad I found this blog! Lauren is beautiful, and I love the family photos!

  3. Thanks :) I don't even mind "Lauren is always so happy!" But I really dislike when people turn it into a Down syndrome thing. Can't she just be happy?!

  4. Great post and spot on! Drives me crazy when people who don't know my kids make generalizations about them from the stereotypes they have heard about Ds.