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Monday, October 22, 2012

Making connections

Yesterday I went to Target with my twin sister and the two babies. Ryan was hanging out with Greg.

We shop, wander around and get things we don't need (is it possible to not do this at Target?!) and head to the front to cash out.

Our cashier had special needs. I don't think she has Down syndrome but I couldn't say for sure. Her line is definitely not the fastest but it's usually pretty long :) I like that!

Anyway.. So we're in line and we get to the front and she automatically says in a somewhat monotone voice, "I like your babies.". It made me think that maybe somewhere along the line in her job training they told her to compliment the customers or something, I know when I worked retail we were supposed to. I also probably had the same tone to my voice- it gets old having to talk to people after a while!

But then she really looked at Lauren and it was like a lightbulb went off for her. She said, "I really like your baby!" She definitely noticed that Lauren had Down syndrome and it was awesome! It just totally made our day!

And then we got to the car and Amanda realized that she was a theif and accidentally stole a can of beans, a can of corn and a pumpkin carving kit. And she made ME go back in and pay for them! Hahaha. This happens to her way more than anyone normal and it's always at Target. I think they probably have her name and picture in their loss prevention department. LOL!

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