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Sunday, October 14, 2012

21 Things About Lauren

In honor of Down syndrome awareness month I'll tell you 21 things I've learned about Lauren in the 8 months since she made her debut.

1. Lauren loves peas, green beans, pears, pancakes and biscuits.
2. She has been to the zoo 4 times already.
3. She loves giving huge, wet, open mouth kisses.
4. She does what we call the "happy dance". This dance is almost always performed in just a diaper, naked if she's lucky. She wiggles her hips and arms and smiles so big! She's been doing this since she was about 3 months old.
5. She loves to play with her brother's toys! He does not enjoy the same enthusiasm for sharing.
6. She has no teeth but can chew pancakes like a pro.
7. She has been recognized at church as "The Facebook Baby"! Yep, she's famous already!
8. Rolling is her primary mobility skill and she is the quickes roller I've ever seen.
9. Her hair has changed from red to blonde to brown and now it's looking strawberry blonde. It's really red in the sunlight!
10. She is the favorite granddaughter on both sides. (She is also the only granddaughter!)
11. Purple is her favorite color. Okay, probably not really but it's my favorite color to dress her in!
12. She's never met a stranger and can be coaxed to smile by just about anybody.
13. Her eyes are the most amazing shade of blue. She has tiny white spots in her irisis that someone once told us look like little galaxies. I totally agree!
14. Lauren absolutely loves her big brother. She stares at him with amazement and eyes full of love. I'm pretty sure he is her favorite person in the world.
15. She may or may not have tried ice cream this weekend.
16. The first solid food she ever ate was guacamole...which I let her lick from a tortilla chip.
17. She likes to gnaw on carrots and celery, I think it feels good on her gums.
18. It is an absolute guarantee that she'll laugh if you face her towards you and toss her in the air (you have to catch her though!)
19. Lauren has a cousin that is less than 5 months younger than her. Remembering how I was with my cousins, I'm sure she will never let him forget those pesky 5 months.
20. Her very favorite toy is Sophie the Giraffe. A close second is Green Tiger, who is...you guessed it! A green tiger. She only gets to play with him when big brother Ryan is sleeping!
21. Oh yeah, she has Down syndrome!

And, duh. She cheers for the Detroit Tigers!!!


  1. too cute! Would you be mad if I steal this idea for a future blog post?

  2. I may steal this too...maybe I will do it on the 21st!