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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

She climbed!!

Lauren climbed! (Clomb?)

We were waiting for an hour at the eye doctor today and Lauren was being her normal friendly self...She tried to brush a stranger's hair with her Barbie brush, share her goldfish crackers, the usual. The waiting room is set up for kids and adults to wait while their eyes dilate. Lo was the only kid waiting, so they turned on Tangled (which she actually watched and loved!) and she roamed around. There are these little cube chair things. I looked away for a second (to find the random goldfish she was tossing around) and looked over to see this!

What?! Luckily she was more than willing to show off her new skill so I could get a picture. She just started cruising on the furniture, so this is a big jump!!
I am one proud mama! 21 months old and climbing :) She was happy too and kept clapping for herself. Then she kissed the TV, the wall, the table and three chairs in celebration. What a sweet pea!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Our church

I've heard some horror stories from other Down syndrome families about how they've been treated in churches. Families have been asked to leave the church once they have their child with special needs. Why? Many people are uncomfortable around people with special needs. People fear what they don't know.

Thank GOD our church has been the opposite. When we were still pregnant with Lauren, after we got her diagnosis, the outpouring of love from our church is indescribable. People couldn't wait to meet her. Our pastor told us he was proud of our decisions.

Fast forward to today. Lauren is practically famous. Nobody is afraid of her. She says hi to everyone she sees and everybody says hi right back! She kissed our pastor twice today! Lauren is a valued member of NorthRidge Church already and people truly care about her and about our family. It is utter and total acceptance.

Words really can't explain what that means to me. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, NorthRidge Church!

Friday, November 15, 2013

We're still here! Pictures galore!

I've taken a break from blogging, life has been busy! I've been working a lot and well, family life is just BUSY!!

We've taken a hiatus from private therapy. It wasn't worth it when Lauren hates it to the point if not participating. She's only 21 months old, it's not like we can talk her into it! Lauren sees the eye doctor the day before Thanksgiving. Every time we go they tell us Lauren will need glass "next time". We'll see what they tell us this time! Greg and I are both blind as bats so neither kiddo stands a chance. She's started cruising on the furniture, really well when she wants to! Most importantly, she had her first French braid!!

Ryan has been loving preschool and being generally awesome. He is the best ever! He is so much fun and so sweet.

I've got no real updates to share, life is smooth sailing right now. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Please approach us!

I feel like we're very lucky in that we've only had good experiences with people approaching us in public to talk about Down syndrome. I LOVE it!

I was holding Lauren and waiting in line to pick up Ryan from his classroom at church. A woman comes up and said how beautiful Lauren is and asked her name. Lauren, my ambassador to friendship, is active trying to kiss this woman on the lips! Hilarious and embarrassing. 

Then this woman said, "I have a sister...she's 39 and has Down syndrome. She has her own apartment, my parents built it onto their house for her! She also had a boyfriend and a job. She's happy and she has a very full life. I thought maybe you'd want to know that."

How amazing!! I must be very approachable because this kind of thing happens a lot. It makes my heart smile :)

We've had people come up to us at the mall, at the park, at church, at restaurants...just to say hello and talk about their connection to Down syndrome. We even had one woman (who's 19 year old son was not with her because he was with his friends) say "Well, we're all family so I wanted to say hi!"

I love the sense of community Down syndrome has blessed us with.