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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Early Intervention

It's Tuesday...therapy day!!! I love Tuesdays because by the time Lisa, Lauren's teacher leaves, baby girl is tired and I am happy. Ryan's nap time is right over therapy time and then Lauren sleeps after. Any time both kids nap at the same time is the best time of day. Most of the time therapy day leaves me feeling so proud of Lauren's progress. Sometimes I get a little down because of what she isn't doing yet, but usually I can just be happy with where she is. Today was a happy day!

Lauren did great today! She's doing really well with practicing sitting up. Lisa brought us a big box that used to hold paper. Greg used an exacto knife to cut it down so it's smaller and then cut a big spot for Lauren's legs- and an instant tray table was born! It's great, we can put toys on it and Lauren sits with her back against the couch and her tray table over her.

Lisa gave us some handouts from a book she used to have about good finger food options for Lauren's age and development since we've started with self-feeding. We went out to lunch today with Aunt Bubbles and Baby Cousin and miss Lauren sat in a restaurant high chair for the first time!!! We used a high chair cover (sorry, Aunt Bubbles, for getting mashed up graham cracker on your fresh out of the box high chair cover) and put some blankets next to and behind her for support. She loved it! That is, until she hated and it and demanded to be carried around.

It was funny, today was really the first time that I had a totally typical mom-of-an-8-month-old-girl day. Lauren was being an absolute diva this morning. She would throw her toys and then cry because she didn't have them. She wanted me to watch her play all day and would cry if I did anything else. Hello, girlfriend, you are not the only kid here! By the time we left for lunch I think we all needed some time out of the house! It's kind of nice to have days where she doesn't meet the "they're always so happy" stereotype. (Next time she has a day like this I'll deny I ever said that!!!)

And while we were eating a big family walked past our table and were commenting how cute Lauren was. One of the girls (she was maybe 13) turn and whispered to her mom, "Mom! Does that baby have Down syndrome?" I loved it! I can seriously picture in a few years Lauren and all of her rapidly increasing attitude yelling "Yes, I do!!" in situations like that!

We could use some thoughts and prayers if you can spare them. Lauren goes Monday for an EEG (electro-encephalogram) and a neurology appointment. She's been having some movements that lead her pediatrician to want her evaluated for infantile spasms (a seizure disorder). I don't think her movements look anything like infantile spasms (there are youtube videos) but it's always better to be safe than sorry. Lisa said she doesn't see any signs or symptoms of seizure activity, which put my mind at ease. I could also use some prayers that the appointment ends by 1pm (it's supposed to) so that I have time to get to Ryan's preschool by 2pm. It's Halloween day at school and I really want to be able to participate.
Enjoying a graham cracker for the first time! Molly, her doggie cousin did not understand why they couldn't share!
Oh, I almost forgot! I asked Lisa about how school would work once Lauren turns 3. I've just been wondering lately. I think we're going to want her in a special ed preschool class simply because of smaller class sizes and I worry about her making friends with special needs. I wanted to make sure we'd have the option to choose that for her. We know tons of kids her age but all of them are typical, which is fine. But I want her to have friends with special needs too. Get this...When Lauren starts preschool transportation is provided since it's public school...which means she will take a school bus!!! I almost cried just hearing about it! How incredibly CUTE! I started imagining my tiny little Lauren wearing a backpack and taking a school bus..and I'm so happy she's only 8 months old.
Ryan looks adorable with his Thomas backpack! I can't belive my kiddos are growing up so fast.


  1. Sounds like an awesome day day!Sending lots of love for good test results and a speedy visit:)

  2. Thank you!! She even made it through the whole hour with her Hip Helpers on! Usually she whines until I give in and take them off :)

  3. So great she is going well in PT! Cate could have taken the bus to Pre-K and I was the one not ready so I ended up driving her both years so soak up every minute before I had let her walk off and be independant. Enjoy the emerging attitude while still cuddly phase!