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Friday, December 22, 2017

Unicorn parenting day

Today has been a unicorn of parenting day. So rare that you're not quite sure it even exists...

I got home from work, Lauren was randomly napping in the foyer. But she woke up and wanted me to hold her, so of course I did. She was so snuggly!!

I (of course) did not plan anything for dinner, so I asked Lauren if she wanted to get a carryout from her favorite place (Las Palapas, for the locals). She was so excited! She asked me if we could have Monte call in our order, haha. Then she asked if Martha could do it. Martha is our cat! She then pretended to be Martha and said, "Hi! Las Palapas? Meow meow, I want nachos!" Then we played with her doll house and her Barbies until it was time to go get our food.

I took her with me to get the carryout, which is always a gamble. That place is always jam packed (rightfully so, it's amazing) and we all know Lauren doesn't always do great it crowded places. And then the parking lot was totally full, we had to park at Walgreens and walk over. Thank God we drove my car and I had her wheelchair in my trunk! Walgreens is across a driveway that comes from the busy road. It's really not that far, but too far for her to safely walk in the dark if she was even willing/able to do it. The whole car ride there she pretended to be her teacher and she made me pretend to be her classmates. She was in a great mood!!

We got in the restaurant and it was loud and crowded, but people were being so kind and offering to open the door for us, moving chairs out of the way (it's tricky to fit a wheelchair back to the carryout area). It's always really nice to not feel like we're inconveniencing anyone.

She asked for a "nacho chip" in the car, so I gave her a chip to snack on for the ride home. We got home and she helped open all the containers and keeps calling me sweetheart and honey. Greg gave me a hug when we got home and she said, "Aww, Daddy, you love my mommy!"

She's currently sitting next to me eating rice and beans while watching obnoxious YouTube videos. I tried to go sit down on the couch to relax, but she called me over, patted the bench next to her and said, "Mommy, I have some place for you!"

I hope I'm coming even close to accurately describing how sweet she's being today. I don't want to jinx it, but we seemed to have a turning point last week. December 11th. She's had a great day every day since then. Of course she has her moments, but she hasn't had one of those days that she completely retreats and withdraws from us. She's been with us and engaged and sparkley-eyed since that day! We increased her medication for behavior/adhd right around Thanksgiving so I wonder if it's kicking in. Greg thinks maybe she's just finally out of the "terrible 3's" (a couple years late). Either way, we are so thrilled and we feel so incredibly blessed to have had so many good days.