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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The October I Never Thought I'd Have

When we got Lauren's diagnosis I thought our lives were over. I thought we'd never go on trips, we'd never go to the zoo, never go to a cider mill, never go out to dinner, spend time with friends....You get the idea. I imagined a dull life at home with a child who couldn't go anywhere. Well I absolutely promise that we have done all of those things since Lauren was born!

So today was amazing because it was Lauren's first time at a pumpkin patch!

 Ryan loved it, as usual. He was talking about riding a pony nonstop since I told him about our plans yesterday. I love seeing him so excited! He got to ride once when we got there and once before we left.
Lauren had her first pony ride too! I assure you that we were not squashing the tiny little horse. I was standing next to them!
And Lauren apparently LOVES pumpkins!
Cheers to all the things that a person with Down syndrome CAN do!

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