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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Catching up

I have been so bad at actually doing the 31 for 21! I don't think I have enough to say to actually blog every day. My life is so not that interesting. Also we were out of town.

Lauren's therapy went pretty good today! I sometimes feel like she isn't really making any progress and that makes me sad. I know it's irrational, but I've caught myself wondering, "What if she never ever sits up on her own, crawls or walks? What if she's just like this, forever?!" I know she'll do things in her own time but sometimes I wish I didn't have to be so patient. It can be a challenge for me to have patience.

But guess what Lauren did last night?! She was sitting in her high chair while we were eating dinner. I decided to give her some puffs to see if she could pick them up. I've been feeding her little bites of pancake, biscuit or anything else we eat but I haven't really let her try to self feed in a while. The last time I tried was maybe a month ago and she was nowhere close to being able to do it.

So I put a bunch of puffs on her tray and let her explore. She grabbed one with her whole hand and actually brought it to her mouth! She probably would've gotten it in but I was so excited that I screamed and it scared her. She missed her mouth and it stuck to her face! Hahaha. I love this girl! She was doing so good. She kept getting them in her hands, getting so excited and then totally forgetting that she was supposed to eat it. She'd just grab another one. It was so adorable!!

I was so excited to tell Lauren's therapy teacher about it! Lisa was just as excited as I was! She gave us the go-ahead to start with some more textured foods. She suggested mashing a banana or a sweet potato and letting Lauren play and explore with some different textures. She said to help Lauren learn to get it into her mouth and know that she's supposed to eat it. I am so excited for this! The pediatrician told us last month to wait until either she or the therapy teacher gave the go-ahead to try foods other than purees. I think it's because babies with Down syndrome can have "floppy airway" issues. I didn't totally listen since we've been giving her bites of pancakes. But I'm glad we have the real "permission" to try some new foods!

I was anticipating this so I bought a big butternut squash to bake. I'll probably make some into a puree but now I'm so excited to know that I can mash it up and let Lauren try it! We've been given the advice to let her eat while naked...I think it's going to get pretty messy around here.

Here's a picture from our weekend. We were at Uncle Blake and Aunt Wendy's wedding! Ryan was too busy dancin to stop for a photo:

Here's a picture of Ryan before we left. We were out to eat and he wanted to sit by himself...until Aunt Chelsea came to sit with him and then he was in heaven!
And in honor of the amazing month of October- here's Ryan and I on his very first Halloween! I can't believe this will be his third Halloween! He was a dragon the first year, a monkey last year and this year he'll either be a rooster or a police man. We have both so he'll get to choose the day of.

Isn't he the cutest little dragon you've ever seen?!


  1. Yay for puffs!!!! My baby is trying to sit,crawl and cutting teeth so it's alot at once and I feel like its taking forever but I know he'll do it when he's ready.They have spurts then plateau for abit is what I've learned.

  2. I feel like Lauren has been teething forever!!