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Thursday, April 25, 2013

PT Eval (And the mythical iPad fairy, anyone know one?)

We took Lauren to her eval at U of M Hospital on Wednesday. It went AMAZING!

Right away they were talking about getting Lauren Sure-Steps (ankle brace orthotics). Her ankles are super wobbly and she stands on the outside aspect of her foot or curls her toes under. And we'll do treadmill therapy where they'll strap her in a little harness and have her practice walking on a treadmill. And we're going to get her a compression vest. It's great for kids with low tone because it gives the deep sensory input the body craves and helps remind her muscles what they're supposed to do. Her standing position now is to stick her butt way out, which is adorable but ineffective. We're hoping it will help get her body in a more walking-ready position. Right now she has absolutely zero interest in putting on foot in front of the other. The compression gear is expensive, like $60-$70 but totally worth it if it works.

The PT said she's going to call our pediatrician and get the ball rolling for the things we'll need a prescription for. Talk about a game plan!


We also found out that Lauren is a whiz at using the iPad! We don't have one, but they have them in the therapy rooms. I need an iPad fairy to deliver one to my front door, anyone know one? ;)

She was playing with a piano app and dancing to the music she made. Then she played with one that let her use her fingers to write rainbow streaks, which also made music. All of this was done with her STANDING UP (!!!) with one of us holding the iPad or puting it on a short table. It was seriously amazing too see her little eyes light up. It was really the first time I've seen it in her eyes and know that she was really grasping a concept of making something work. I was speechless!

We really really liked the physical therapist too! She was so awesome with Lauren. When she saw Lauren using the iPad like a pro she said, "Yep, she's just like every other kid!"

Do you know how soothing to the soul it is to hear that for a parent of a kid with special needs? There aren't words.

Please pray, pray, pray that our insurance will continue to cover these visits (it looks like we've only been approved for a 60 day period and we're not sure if we can start over or what afterwords. It looks like they can cover up to 60 visits per year.)

I can't wait to take her back next week!


  1. What a great report! That sounds like an awesome visit.

  2. So, this has nothing to do with your post. But I just started watching a movie called "Monica and David" and wanted to share it with you. It's about a couple that get married and they both have down syndrome. I've been following your blog for a while so I when I saw it I immediately thought of you.