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Friday, April 5, 2013

Holy Cannoli!

I got an insurance card in the mail for Lauren today and I thought it was a mistake or something.

Apparently Blue Cross Blue Shield has a medicaid program here in Michigan and Lauren's enrolled. They cover everything...including glasses and 60 therapy visits a year!!!

This is SUCH an answer to prayer. We were stressing out over whether we were going to bite the bullet and pay for private therapy over the summer or just take a little break and see how things go. This way we can afford for her to have therapy once a week at the hospital clinic. This is awesome since she is not thrilled about bearing weight on her legs.

Even more awesome? I think Ryan is enrolled too. This is partly because we're a one-income family of four and partly because there are some sibling benefits involved in special needs healthcare-at least in our experience. Ryan needs physical therapy to help him because he toe walks and his achilles tendons are tight. I accidentally slept through his evaluation appointment (whoops! Midnights are hard, don't judge me!) so I'll reschedule that ASAP.

I am so happy and grateful for the extra help!