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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Top Ten

My previous post gave me an idea. Here are my top ten favorite things about my kids. These are in no particular order because I'm not that organized.

1. The cute little voice he does when he's asking for something that he knows I'll say no to. Like feeding the dog Sour Patch Kids.
2. The even cuter voice he does in surprise when I say yes, asking "Which color would she like?" (I said purple, she licked it once and then Ryan ate it)
3. The fact that he cannot stay still for longer than 10 seconds. It's impossible for him, he even moves around a ton in his sleep!
4. The fact that he's now potty trained (this is actually #1)
5. How he refuses to pull his pants up himself after going potty. I know he won't do it forever so I'm just enjoying how hilarious it is when he says, "I think I need a little help here."
6. His formal mannerism of speech. We have no clue where he gets this from! He speaks like a non-native English speaker and it's just hilarious! (Please see #2)
7. His totally off tune singing voice. Also, he always adds his own lyrics. Take The Itsy Bitsy Spider. He always adds that the spider crashes into the water... Every. Time! This is made funnier by the fact that he sings everything! He sings about trucks, he sings about chips, he sings about carrots...
8. His stalling tactics are legendary right around bedtime. He all of the sudden develops an intense urge to brush his teeth, go potty, hug the dog, kiss mommy, and the list goes on. He's pretty smart.
9. When he falls asleep in the car. There's nothing cuter in the world.
10. His love of hugs. Hearing "Would you like a hug, Mommy?" will never get old!
11. I almost forgot- his speech issues are definitely on this list. The way he says Optimus Prime (which he says a lot these days) is "Octopus Pie" and no amount of correcting will change it.

1. Her stellar dance moves. She danced herself right over today, bonking her head on the couch.
2. Her dramatics. She is such a girl! After #1 happened this afternoon she threw herself to the floor, buried her face in the carpet and cried...until I picked her up and she signed "spider" so I would sing, and promptly started dancing again.
3. The way her face crinkles up when she's doing her "I'm trying to be especially cute" smile. This is different than her normal smile! She does this one especially well when I'm trying to get her to say "mama". It always results in this special smile, accompanied by an adamant "dada!"
4. Her love of food. It's probably my very favorite. She likes everything except BBQ sauce. She shared Greg's coffee ice cream yesterday. This is how we know she's our kid- she loves coffee already!
5. Her hair. She has perfect pony tail hair without even trying! I've been striving for this for 27 years and I'm not quite there yet. Life is unfair sometimes.
6. Her positive attitude. I know this seems crazy, but I can tell already that she's a really positive person (she hasn't reached the toddler years yet so please let me maintain this fantasy for as long as I can!). She's the happiest person to be around and can make everyone smile.
7. She gives the cutest kisses ever. They're open mouth, wet and enthusiastic. We're going to have to watch this one when she becomes a teenager!
8. The fact that she will still snuggle with me. She still needs to be rocked to sleep most nights. I LOVE this. Why did I rush this with Ryan?! They are little for such a short period of time and then you can't get it back.
9. The way her cute little hands look when she signs. She has the smallest hands ever. They're like newborn sized. And her fingers are short and are all the same length. I don't know why this cracks me up so much, but it does! We just taught her "thumbs up!" (which she only does when she feels like it. Notice being stubborn is not on this list!) and I crack up every time!
10. The way she loves strangers...from a distance...if they don't touch her. She loves people. She loves waving, smiling, blowing kisses...but from the safety of mama's (okay, if I'm honest, dada's) arms. I like her suspicous nature, she gets it from me. You should hear my sister's and my theories about strangers...they're all serial killers. And people who wash their cars after dark? Definitely belong in prison. These are qualities I really want to pass down to my kids.
And a picture of the dog, because why not?