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Thursday, April 4, 2013

The non-update update.

I hope everyone had a great Easter! We did. We did an Easter egg hunt at our church on Saturday afternoon and then stayed for Easter service. That way our Sunday morning was laid back and kind of lazy!

We hid eggs for Ryan at home- he loved it! I was so excited to put stickers in his eggs...LOL! He only wanted the one's with M&M's. Why do I do this to myself? The Easter Bunny also got him a Transformers action figure- Heatwave! He loved it, I was so excited.

Although I'm 99% sure he thinks the Easter Bunny stuff is b.s. He said, "This came from Target!" Um, he's three. If he's this skeptical now I'm a little nervous for later, haha.

Then we went to brunch with Greg's family at their country club. We haven't gone in recent years because, well, nobody (and I mean nobody!) in their right mind would think toddlers and country clubs are a good match. We decided to give it a try this year...and he did great! He brought Heatwave and there was a petting farm outside. It's a miracle we didn't come home with a baby goat.

Lauren was a baby angel, of course. She ate a ton of super random food that most kids would barely look at. She loved this dish called Chicken Oscar. It was baked chicken with this yellow cream sauce, crab meat and asparagus. Delicious, but I may have the only 1 year old who agrees. Strange. Her love of food is one of my top 10 favorite things about her.

Then we came home, had naps and recharged for Easter dinner with my parents, sisters, cousins and grandparents! It was really fun. I can't even get over how cute Ryan is at this age. I want him to freeze, stay 3 and not get any older!

Unfortunately, Greg's grandma passed away Tuesday afternoon. She had 87 years on this earth and will enjoy an eternity in Heaven. Please pray for Greg's family as they mourn and also for their safety as they travel out of state for her burial this weekend. The kids and I are staying home because I work on Friday.

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