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Monday, April 15, 2013

Funny kid!

Ryan has been saying the funniest stuff lately!

Last night we had dinner at my parents' house. There were 12 of us. Lauren was just minding her own business eating dinner and Ryan says, "Lauren, maybe you should calm down."

LOL! He is a parrot and this is something I say sarcastically to Greg all the time. (Sorry babe!)

Then this morning I'm messing around on Facebook and he's playing with his toys and he lays down on the couch and says, "Mom, just be quiet!" I wasn't even talking!

And this morning our dog got to eat twice. I had just fed her and he was very upset because he wanted to feed her. I told him to give her a tiny scoop. He gives her a huge scoop and says, "I made a mountain!!!"

His cuteness is almost making up for waking up twice last night and then being up for good before 7am. Almost.

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  1. So cute! And I would be pretty happy with only 2 wake-ups and up before 7. Man, would I ever. But one can wish!