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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tolerance vs Acceptance

Something that's been on my mind lately is tolerance vs acceptance.

These two are not the same. They are not interchangeable.

Tolerance, to me, implies value judgement. Acceptance is truly meeting people where they're at and embracing them for who they are.

Sure, you can tolerate people whose beliefs differ from your own. You'll probably even be applauded for it, like you've done something so above and beyond that you get to call yourself a forward thinker and put a sticker on your car.

Parents (Of kids with special needs and without): Do you want your child to be tolerated or accepted?

People (who may be a little different, or not, or whatever): Do you want to be tolerated or accepted?

It is not our place to tolerate. We don't get to choose the decisons, lifestyle choices, chromosomal makeup, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc. of others. So why do any of us feel it's our place to assign value judgement?

I'd rather accept. I would rather love. I would rather include.

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