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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Little glimpses

My mom, dad and mother in law are lucky. They are always telling me that they see people with Down syndrome everywhere now that we have Lauren. I'm jealous! I never do! I'm the kind of person who's never met a stranger (I get it from my mom) so I would love to introduce myself and make a friend. But it never happens.

Until Sunday! At church on Sunday we had just stepped off the elevator (it's a big church) and waiting to get on the elevator was a mother/daughter duo. The daughter part of the duo happened to be rocking an extra chromosome!

The mom noticed right away that Lauren has Down syndrome (another thing I always want to happen but rarely does-although I was grinning like a fool when I saw them so it might have been a dead giveaway) and said something along the lines of, "Aren't we lucky?" The daughter was kind of looking at me like I was a lunatic, which cracks me up! If I was out with my mom and someone looked that excited to see us I would give them the same look! Like I said, I've never met a stranger.

We had a short conversation of pleasantries and the mom told me to never ever let anybody tell me that Lauren can't do something. It was amazing! I so needed that. The daughter was awesome and was dressed like any typical 24 year old would dress. Aaaand acting the same way any typical 24 year old would act if accosted by a crazy lady at church.

I LOVE being able to catch a little glimpse into what Lauren's future might look like. I mostly loved that the mom and daughter were together. I really mourned the loss of a mother daughter relationship when we got Lauren's diagnosis. It's nice to have confirmation that I am not always right!

Oh and Lauren had a very important "first" today! Probably the most important of her whole life so far. She got to see Mean Girls for the very first time! With any luck it will be the first of many.

You go Glen Coco!

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  1. We have several young adults with Ds that work at the grocery store we shop at. It's great. Once in a while they will ask me something like, "Does your son have a disability?" To which I reply, "Yes, Down syndrome." and then they get all excited, "Hey, I have Down syndrome, too!"