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Monday, September 10, 2012

Could we fit more into one day?

Today was a very full and very exciting day!

I'll go in order of how our day went:

Lauren had her 6 month checkup today (at almost 7 months, haha). Drumroll please....

She weighs 14lbs 5oz and is 25.39 inches long! That puts her in the 25th percentile for both height and weight on the typical growth chart. What?! She has been growing like a weed! She has gained 8lbs since birth.

It was so nice going in and knowing it was going to be a great appointment. Right away the pediatrician said, "How about that cardiology report! Great job Lauren!" Lauren's doing wonderfully with her milestones other than sitting independently and self feeding, which is no surprise to us. Basically, she's super baby!

I asked about checking her into the nursery at church on Sundays and during MOPS and the doctor said no :( I kind of knew she would say that. Our #1 goal is to keep Lauren out of the hospital this winter which means trying to limit germs. Lauren is getting a little tough to control at church even though we sit in overflow. Our church has TV's in the hallway so we can still listen to service even if we have to take a little stroll. Luckily at MOPS there are lots of people that want to hold her! I texted my friend and table leader, Jayme, that Lauren would be making a regular appearance at our table and it might get distracting. She texted back "This better be a joke! Lauren can sit at our table until she's 25!" I love Jayme!

The moment I've been waiting for....

I was a little sad because I don't want my baby bird to fly out of the nest just yet, but I know it will be fun for him. Especially since it's once a week! He loved it!! He had a hard time paying attention, he's 2! But it was a great time. He even got to paint for the first time. Am I a terrible person that I've never let him paint before?! I thought he would hate it, he doesn't like getting his hands messy. But he actually made a handprint with red paint! I think both of our hands will be slightly pink until next week. I am so happy that parents got to stay for the first week. I will probably be a hot mess next week. I love him!!!

Starting off the day with a great breakfast:

Thrilled to find out that there are blocks at school:
I tried to get a picture of him wearing his Elmo backpack but it was a no go. I'm lucky I got the ones I did!!
And then I made an amazing fall dinner. I made stuffed peppers. I used a mish mash of recipes from pinterest and the interwebs. I used red peppers and the filling was lean ground turkey, onion, garlic, rice, salsa, cumin and chili powder. It was delicious. I discovered a secret of cutting the peppers in half and stuffing them that way. You can fit more stuffing in the peppers that way. I also save the tops and "stuffed" those like little pepper pizzas. This recipe will definitely become a fall staple at our table.

Then we went for a nice walk with Bubbles and Baby Jesus! Ryan tripped and fell and then didn't want to go for a walk so he and Greg went home to watch a little Doc McStuffins before bed. Have you seen this show? It's on Disney Junior. It's so cute! Ryan strictly informed me that I was not allowed to look at or touch his knees. He hates when I spray them with antiseptic after he falls! Luckily a few hugs and kisses and some quality cartoons turned his frown upside down! Lauren enjoyed snuggling with me while in the Ergo carrier during our walk. I was so afraid she'd forget that she liked the Ergo over the summer (it was way too hot to wear her at all this summer) but she loved it! She was super happy and was alternating between grabbing my face to make deep eye contact and looking around at the neighborhood.

Currently I'm writing this post while eating ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. I'd call that a successful day!

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