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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lauren's first home visit

Early intervention services through the school district (called Early On in our state) started yesterday for Lauren!!

At first I was concerned (and still am to be honest) because our program doesn't have separate PT/OT but a general teacher trained in both areas. I've heard that often times this brings a wide but shallow knowledge base.

This does not seem to be the case with Lauren's teacher!! Lisa is awesome and Lauren loves her. She is already helping us out a ton. She asked how feeding was going and I said it's hard to put Lauren in the high chair. She's so small that the top of the tray comes up to her eyebrows! She can't see what's up there, much less reach for anything. So we've been feeding her in her bouncy chair when she gets solids.

Lisa is going to bring foam next week so that Lauren will fit in her high chair!!! I've been kind of sad that Lauren couldn't sit in her high chair like most babies. I didn't really realize that accomodations could be made. I was thinking of how to get a smaller high chair!

Lisa also asked what I was most concerned with. Lauren is doing great with rolling, pivoting while on her belly, reaching for toys, babbling, and has even started scooting her self forward on her belly and getting her knees under her. But I feel like she won't learn to sit up until she's 10 years old at this rate! She's just not interested, she'd rather move around.

She showed us how to sit Lauren against the couch and put the Boppy pillow in front of her for support. Here's a picture:
Look at her! She's sitting there holding a toy! She even has a hand on her knee to steady herself. I never would've even thought to do this to help Lauren sit up. I asked about the Bumbo seat but apparently it encourages rounding of the pelvis and slouching instead of upright sitting.
I'm so excited for next Tuesday!! Lisa will come every Tuesday during the school year. Isn't that amazing? And it's through the school district, so we don't pay for it. I just feel like this is amazing. I never even knew a program like this existed until we had Lauren.
I am so excited about what we can learn in our Tuesday sessions. There's baby group as well on Tuesday mornings but siblings can't attend. I'm not getting a sitter every Tuesday morning. Playing with her big brother is group-like enough for right now!


  1. I swear that Cate's PT was of more help to me then to her for the first year! It is great she is teaching you to help Lauren.

  2. Well apparently this woman is a miracle worker. I just tried the very same Boppy/couch combination and Lauren flopped over and laughed! LOL, I love this girl, she keeps me on my toes.

  3. Love the picture!i can hear your excitement,it's so uplifting when it just works.You go girls;)