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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving is upon us

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I'm thankful for the holiday pay I will be getting for working tonight.

Really though. So much to be thankful for. Last Thanksgiving I was tentatively thankful. Does that make sense? We had known about Lauren's diagnosis for about a month. I was so afraid she wouldn't make it. We had just learned about her need for open heart surgery. Google was scaring the crap out of me. So I was thankful, but so so afraid of what our future would hold.

This Thanksgiving we are blessed with two amazing, beautiful and healthy children. Lauren has enriched our lives more than we could've imagined. Ryan is the best almost 3 year old ever. He told me "Merry Christmas and Happy Halloween!!!" today! I think so many holidays at the same time of the year confuse him!

My mom took the kids out to lunch and around town today while I slept. The waitress first said how much she loves Lauren's little earrings, how cute she was and then said, "Can I ask? Does she have..." and kind of trailed off. My mom said she was really young. Good for her for asking. I LOVE that! Asking is so much better than staring! It turns out that her older brother also has special needs! Ryan ate really good (shocking!!) and Lauren charmed the whole restaurant. I'm so jealous that I wasn't there!

I hope everyone is as thankful as I am this year and enjoys the time with family!

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