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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween and catching up

I hope everybody had a great Halloween! We definitely did!

Here's a bunch of pictures from my iPhone:

The kids and I with their amazing Aunt Raegan! Raegan recently got engaged!! YAY!!!

Her petals kept blowing in the wind while we were trick or treating. Ryan really liked Halloween, I think it's the first year he really "got" the whole trick or treating idea. He was still trying to eat each piece of candy right when he got it, but whatever. It was totally adorable.

Amanda and I at a Halloween party! She was wearing her adorable son as a costume- he was popcorn! She and I were asked more than once if we were twins, we love that!

Ryan and I at his preschool Halloween party!! He was saying "trick or treat!" in this picture!

And earlier in the day on Halloween we had a visit from our very favorite little guy: Baby Cousin!
I'm telling you, Lauren loves him to pieces! She loves to hug and kiss him and she even tries to make him laugh. We're already planning on them being best friends, they're only 5 months apart! Note: His name is Jesus but we call him Baby Cousin. Ryan refuses to let anyone call him anything else.

I was awful at 31 for 21, and on my very first try! I don't think my life is interesting enough to blog about every single day. I can tell you that when we first got Lauren's diagnosis I never thought that would be the case! But life is just normal. If we'd had a baby without Down syndrome (which is so weird to think about because that baby would not be Lauren) I really don't think our lives would be any different. I certainly wouldn't want it to be different.

Life is just as crazy here as I imagine it is in other homes. Want to know what happened yesterday? I was watching Baby Cousin for a little bit. I was worried about having 3 kids in the house (and I was somewhat sleep deprived, as is the life of a gal working midnights) but it started off going so smooth. I even posted to a message board of friends that it was so easy having three! I bragged that Ryan was playing with his trains, Lauren was in her exersaucer, Baby Cousin was in the baby playmat/gym and I was even making dinner! Piece of cake.

Not 2 minutes later I walked in to check on my entirely too quiet living room to find Ryan peeing on the floor! Haha! My friends loved that, I assure you. Three kids is hard work! Maybe we'll get a dog when I start feeling the itch for another little one ;)

So November is here, time for sweaters, boots, scarves, snuggles and hot cocoa. October was a great month for us, I can't wait to see what November brings!

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