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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Growing up too fast!

I finally have time to update about Lauren's appointments!

We're 100% done with the helmet!! YAY! I was pretty much the worst helmet mom ever and barely ever made her wear it. So at least now I don't have to feel guilty about it!

Her audiology appointment went...okay. It showed mild hearing loss and fluid in one ear. I personally felt like the test was unreliable. They had us sit in a booth with her on my lap facing outward. They played noises and she was supposed to look in the right direction. Which sounds like it would work except then you realize that it doesn't always. Lauren hates facing outward unless there's something cool to watch. She loves faces. She loves eye contact. She likes touching our mouths as we talk. So yeah, the sound booth so was not her thing!

We're getting a second opinion! Still with U of M, just a different audiologist. We're seeing an ENT afterwards. I think it's the same doctor who did Ryan's tongue surgery last year. I hope so, he was a great doctor. If we still see hearing loss and still see fluid in the ears then it looks like tubes are in our future. I know in the long run, especially considering Lauren's surgical history, tubes are not the biggest deal in the world. But it's still surgery. On my baby girl. Again. I don't know if this mama can do that again. I'm scared.

I know it will be okay but I don't have to like it!

Lauren's been trying to get up on all fours for a while and can do it for a couple seconds. Well, today she popped up on her hands and knees and rocked back and forth! TWICE! Lord help me when this girl starts crawling, she is a wild woman already! She's also been saying dada all the time, especially while gazing lovingly at Greg. It's so adorable! I'm still waiting on Mama. She says in sometimes but not with any purpose. At least with Dada she will occasionally say it to him!

Both kids have been so adorable and loving the past couple of days. Ryan is just becoming this sweet, wonderful, caring little boy. He changed Lauren's diaper today. With lots of supervision, obviously. But he was so excited to help is "baby gull". He is growing up to be such an amazing person!

Lauren and Baby Cousin are BFFs!

Ryan loves the ducky tub
It's getting cold here in Michigan!


  1. I love how wonderful Lauren is doing. She is darling. I just thought I would pass on some info. Our son, Ben, showed mild hearing loss and fluid in his ears at around the same age. I too thought that the testing was pretty unreliable for that age group. The fluid was a definite so we opted to be proactive and get tubes even though he had never had any ear infections. We also decided that while he was undergoing the surgery for the tubes that we would do an ABR while we were at it. The ABR showed that his hearing was perfect anatomically! YAY! The tubes made a big difference in his reactions to sounds but it was definite peace of mind to know that all looked good after the ABR. Just thought I would let you know, it might be something worth suggesting to the ENT. (Oh, and I should mention that Ben had never officially passed the newborn hearing screening either. Just FYI.)

  2. I hope that if we need tubes everything goes so well!

    My mom said she crawled backwards today!