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Thursday, August 23, 2012

I might have a preschooler soon

Yikes! Did you see that title?!

Greg and I both think Ryan would really benefit from a preschool program. Both in learning and social interaction. But he was blessed with a December 18th birthday. The cut-off is December 1st! So finding preschools that have a young 3's program is tough. Finding ones that also don't require potty training is even harder. We're hoping to have him potty trained to start in January.

I found the BEST preschool. It is seriously perfect. It's a Christian preschool, which is important to us. It just seems like everything we would want in a preschool for our son. But they require the kids to be potty trained. I think he can start in January if he's potty trained and they offered to give us a tour any time! Even Greg wants to do the tour and he's not really a tour type of guy. If they don't have a January spot for him then I'm pretty sure that if we like the tour, that's where he'll go next fall.

I can't believe my itty, bitty, baby Buddy is growing up. He's not even a toddler anymore, he's a kid! When did that happen?!

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