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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wonderful news!

We had Lauren's cardiology appointment today. Today marks 5 months since her surgery. It hardly even seems real when I think about it. Luckily the memories of her hospitalization are fading into just memories instead of bringing me panic when I think about it.

Lauren is doing great! Her cardiologist said she's doing "teriffic"! Her weight gain is great, her heart sounds just like it should. She had a residual VSD (small hole between the lower two chambers of the heart) that is very tiny and won't require repair. We are able to stop Laurens' medications by the end of this week.

It feels like we've been given back our baby. Like she is really ours to keep. I know fellow heart moms will understand what that's like. It makes me cry to think about how incredibly blessed we are to have a healthy baby. Before Lauren I would have (and did!) take it completely for granted.

We don't go back until December 12th! And the cardiologist wants Lauren to get the Synagis shots this year as well- the vaccine to prevent RSV. She said if we have any issues with insurance not covering it to call her and she'll go to bat for Lauren and make sure she can get them. We see her pediatrician on September 10th and will talk about it more with her.

The sense of calm in my heart right now is unbelievable.

I'm to a point now where I LOVE her scar and I'm so proud of it. It's an outward symbol of the struggle we've been through as a family and how much we truly have to rejoice about. God is good.


  1. Yayyyyy!Bless her sweet little healed heart;)

  2. That is so exciting!!

    I know how you feel about the scar, Peyton's scar from her spinal surgery is a reminder of what she went through and what happened before we got to that point.

    Lauren looks awesome!