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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Give Peas a Chance!

Tonight as I was rocking Lauren to sleep I found myself fighting back tears.

As I rocked her I kissed her sweet little cheek and smelled her sweet baby smell. And you know what? She doesn't just smell like a baby anymore. She smelled like the pureed peas she ate for dinner and baby sweat from her helmet. Why does that make me cry?

There were days I worried that we wouldn't get here. That I wouldn't get these moments with Lauren.

My baby girl will be 6 months old on Sunday. She eats baby food and plays with toys and gives open mouth kisses. She gets her arms and legs stuck in her crib slats because she moves around in her sleep, she giggles when we kiss her tummy, she loves her Taggie blanket and has an actual soft doll that she hugs when she's tired. She's already been to the zoo four times.

I'm actually getting the chance to watch my newborn who was once so sick grow into a strong, healthy baby. By the grace of God I'll get to watch her grow into a beautiful little girl and a smart young woman. Words can't even explain how grateful I am for this opportunity. At the same time it's going too fast! Didn't I just have her a few weeks ago?

This evening was amazing. My mom and I took Ryan and Lauren out to dinner. Ryan was so sweet and was a pleasure to eat dinner with. He's 2. That doesn't happen all that often! Then we snuggled before bed and ate carrots and celery for a snack. We waited up late for Daddy to get home. Ryan went to bed giggling which means this day can be called a success by any stretch of the imagination!

I just feel so... content. I'm working the next two nights so chaos will soon take over my happy little home. But tonight I feel wonderful.

Going to the zoo is hard work!

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