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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lauren's first modeling gig!

Today Lauren and I had an awesome experience!

Two of my best friends, Sarah and Jayme, have their own business making headbands, hair bows, hats and bow ties for little boys and girls. They were doing a photo shoot today to promote their fall line and invited all of their friends and their kids to join in on the fun! Any bows and headbands you see Lauren wearing in any of my pictures are from them!

We had SO much fun and the weather was beautiful! Lauren loved being a model :) Sadly, Ryan didn't get to come because he's sick :( So he got extra snuggles with Daddy this morning instead!

When we first found out we were having a girl I was 15 weeks pregnant. We didn't yet know that Lauren would be chromosomally enhanced! Sarah and Jayme were so excited to ge a little model! After we found out that Lauren would be born with Down syndrome they were still obviously excited to be getting a new little model. But I had doubts.

One of my fears when we found out that Lauren would have Down syndrome was that she wouldn't be pretty. And that others wouldn't value her the way they would if she'd had 46 chromosomes instead of 47. I was afraid that my friends would have Lauren still model them either to make me feel better or to humor me. I can't believe I doubted my friends! I have amazing friends. We get together on Wednesdays for a Bible study and Jayme and I are in MOPS together at church.

 It's really wonderful for me to be able to look back on those fears I had and realize that Lauren is so much more alike than different.

Here's a sneak peek of a picture Sarah took on her iPhone!

And another one of me with my girl!

It was really great to go have a good time in the sunshine and fresh air while spending time with great friends! And the Starbucks that has been closed for remodeling was open, which made the day even better.

Check out Sarah and Jayme's website at www.sajababy.com I'm not sure when their new fall items will be on their website but I know that you'll want to check it out!