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Monday, August 6, 2012

Lauren's new helmet!

Lauren got her helmet today! I was kind of sad going in to the appointment because I didn't want her to need a helmet. But she looks ADORABLE!!! (As if there was any doubt)

We were running late and ended up being about 20 minutes late, which I hate. And the doctor had a snarky comment, "What, is it too early in the morning for you or something?"

Yeah, our appointment was at 11. LOL! As a nurse I already have some opinions on doctors in general and he did not disappoint. Lauren, however, decided to be a traitor and seriously would not stop smiling at this guy!

We went out for lunch afterwards and met my mom and Ryan (she was watching him during Lauren's appointment), my sister and my baby nephew! Ryan was hilarious as usual and was making friends with other diners. He wanted to know what everybody else was eating!

People were openly staring at Lauren. It kind of bugged me. If you remember, Ryan had a helmet as well and I hated the staring then too. I feel like the helmet kind of screams, "Hey! I'm different!". It was bugging me because people weren't even really smiling, just staring. I fear this happening when she's older simply because she has Down syndrome and her noticing and it bothering her. But then a message board friend pointed out that they could just be staring because she's really cute! And you know what? She IS really cute, so maybe that's it!

Until this one elderly man who was probably 80 or so asked me to bring Lauren over to him. He actually addressed her and told her she was beautiful and that he loved her helmet! It was so incredibly sweet. I wish everyone was like him!

Lauren can't hate her helmet too much, she laughed for the first time today!!! It was such a wonderful sound!! I am so blessed with two of the happiest kids I've ever met :)

Oh, I almost forgot about the most important part of our day. Lauren laughed for the first time!!! I was kissing her belly and talking baby nonsense to her and she laughed!! It was such a beautiful sound!

Side note: If you're just stumbling upon this post, let me explain the helmet. It's a plagiocephaly helmet aka a helmet for reshaping the head. Both kids had/have flat spots from positioning. It's a lot more common now that babies sleep on their backs. Lauren's head isn't flat so much as it's misshapen. It's a combination of positioning and other things. She was in the hospital for 5 weeks during which she was very sick and lethargic and had open heart surgery. She didn't really move around too much and we couldn't hold her 24/7. She lacked the neck/head strength and control to move her head around herself and when we would move it for her she would just move it back to how she wanted it. Since she will be delayed in sitting independently her head would've just continued to get flatter had we not chosen the helmet. So that's why she has it! It's not really a "Down syndrome thing" but I think it's just a smidge more common in kids who rock the extra chromosome.


  1. I think she is adorable! I'd stare and not be able to stop smiling at her!

  2. I'm surprised that people aren't familiar with the helmut. Maybe our parents' generation are unaccustomed to it. I hate when people stare!