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Friday, March 30, 2012

Post Op Day 1

"I love you. I always wanted you."

Words from a mother terrified to let go. Handing Lauren to the surgical team yesterday was the hardest thing I've ever done. They would literally hold my child's life in their hands. I have never been so scared.

Today she is doing really well! She's currently in the middle of her second practice run without the ventilator. Her breathing tube should be out tonight or tomorrow and I'm really hoping we can hold her sometime this weekend or early next week. I miss cuddling her so much already!

Thank you all so much for every prayer, though and kind word. We have felt so supported by our family and friends, both present and virtual. Please continue praying for a very uneventful recovery!


  1. I'm hoping I never feel anything like that again. There are no words to explain the feeling of handing your child over. So glad to hear she is doing so well. Praying for a speedy, uneventful recovery!

  2. Glad to hear she's doing well. And already coming off the vent -woohoo. Don't freak out if there are bumps in the road. Recovery isn't always smooth sailing. I remember a couple days out, Max got a fever and I freaked unnecessarily. How can a mom not, right? But really, try not to ;) Continued prayers. P.S. tried to find you on facebook - sent a random friend request - not sure it was you :)

  3. It must not have been me, I promise I would've said yes!! I'm on FB as Jackie Wancha Weldon