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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Quick update

Lauren is sleeping comfortably in her hospital crib so I thought I'd update again really quick!

During rounds this morning we had the same doctor as yesterday. His name is Dr. Dick so I've been referring to him as Dr. Dickhead. Not very Christ-like but hey, I'm human. I actually did like him better today! I asked him why he feels that surgery is "the sooner the better". He said that actually kids with this type of surgery that are in heart failure like she is tend not to grow until after surgery and then they do quite well. He feels that surgery is the only option to get her healthy, even though it's earlier than planned. I also asked about the risks with her being so much younger than babies typically are for this surgery. He said that we're past the huge risk age, which is the newborn period. She'll be a month old tomorrow. He said it's really not a whole lot riskier with her being a bit older, especially if we can wait until 6 weeks or older. So I honestly DO feel better about it. I did NOT expect him to set me at ease about this, but he did!

Thanks for al the prayers, we really appreciate it!


  1. Hi! Welcome to 'the club'. Your daughter is beautiful! Saw your comment on Lexi's blog. I'm a fellow Ds and OHS mom. Don't know about you, but it helped me tremendously to look at blogs before Max's OHS and read about what to expect. If you're looking for OHS stuff on my blog it's in the Sept 2009 posts :) http://www.twodogsandafish.blogspot.com/

  2. Hello! I saw your comment on Lexi's blog, too. I agree, it helped me to read other blogs before Hailey's OHS. I have a page about our experience on my blog. http://thehaileyherald.blogspot.com Your daughter is beautiful! Good luck with your regular team tomorrow! I never liked weekend doctors either!

  3. Our cardiologist also talked about the first 4 weeks being the iffy part. I am glad to see yours saying the same thing, since as you will find, a lot of kids who have OHS are "supposed" to get to 11 pounds or something like that. Which can make it really hard to wait when they are already in heart failure. Of course you want the best chance for Lauren to have the very best and most successful surgery! Will keep posted for updates!