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Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy 1 month birthday Lauren!!!

It's my sweet baby girl's one month birthday today!!

Yes, in this family we celebrate months. No joke, I sang my son "happy birthday" on every month-birthday for at least the first year. Bonus points for me if I remembered at 4:04pm, the time he was born.

The game plan so far is that the doctors are just going to watch Lauren closely and let her grow for a few more days at least before making any decisions or concrete surgery plans. That's definitely fine by me! I'll speak with her main cardiologist sometime today and get some more information about what they're thinking.

I personally think it's really great that she's doing well enough that we can wait a little while. Every day is another day for her to grow stronger and hopefully bigger before her surgery. Praise God for that!

I'll be sure to update either here or on facebook (or both!) as we learn new information. Thanks everybody!


  1. Happy 1 month! Keep gaining weight and getting stronger!

  2. She is sure getting all fluffed up! What a cutie!