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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Physical Therapy Update

Greg took Lo to PT today since I was (am) sick. We have been having lengthy talks about what our PT plans are for her during this school year.

She will get one home visit per week plus the option for a group visit at school ( we don't usually go due to siblings not being allowed and its the same day as her home visit. She hates it so I don't like to bombard her with that much therapy on one day). We're hoping to add speech this year as well. This all goes from September through May and follows the school calendar.

We struggled with whether or not private PT was necessary along side EI this year. But since she's made HUGE strides since we began private PT we decided to continue. I'm talking crawling, kneeling, bearing weight on her legs (when she feels like it) pulling herself to standing. Big developments! 

So we'll be schlepping the 45-60 minute drive to the hospital every other week for the time being. Weekly was way too much for us to manage. Add in Ryan being in preschool twice a week, me working full time...way too much. Plus we need to have time to just relax, play and be a family. 

I am so incredibly thankful that we have the option for private therapy due to Lauren's secondary insurance. I'm hoping she makes great strides this year! My personal goal for her is still walking by age 3. Lets see if Little miss agrees :)


  1. It is so awesome she has progress so much this year! I remember how hard it is to work all that therapy in and youare doing a great job with the balance. I would recommend pushing for speech if you can handle it in your schedule. ST is the one therapy that Cate still has to have at 7 years old and getting into the routine early definelty helps. We have an awesome therapist so I'm sure that helps but Cate actually asks to go to speech because they play games, make snacks, and work on social skills by role playing while the therapist sneaks in vocab and articulation.

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