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Thursday, August 8, 2013


I think I have to call her a toddler now. She'll be 18 months old on the 12th. Holy cow! I still think this is impossible.

She's in a pinching mood lately. She lots to find any skin at all on me and pinch or scratch me as soon as I pick her up. I yell "ouch!!" And tell her no. Then put her down. Rinse and repeat.

It's not working!! I'd love any advice. It hurts and makes me sad.

She had the best physical therapy session ever this week! She stood up a ton and started practicing little steps forward while heavily supported. Go Lauren!! She also demanded that we blow bubbles (it's our "trick" to get her to cooperate). She demanded more by yelling "Bubble!" Smart cookie.

We also met a Ds mom while at the hospital. Her son is now 24! She was so excited to meet Lauren, who did her cute little pageant wave and said hi to anyone who looked at her :)

Toddlers...they're so sweet when they're sleeping!

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