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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Aunt Raegan got married!

My sister got married yesterday!! It was SO much fun!!
The beautiful bride and I

Family picture! I just love us :) I'm pretty obsessed with Ryan's tuxedo t-shirt. My amazing sister said she didn't care what he wore as long as he was comfortable and in the wedding!

Have you ever seen anything cuter?! Me either.


Back of the dress. And 2 of my tattoos :)

My BFF and I

Another one of my BFF and I :) If only my twin was in these, she completes the trio!

We had a blast! Ryan was so, so good as a ring bearer and did great in the ceremony. He fell into a (shallow) fountain at the reception while fooling around with his Grandpa, LOL! Luckily we live 10 minutes from the reception hall, Greg went and grabbed him new clothes!

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