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Monday, September 2, 2013

Last day of summer and back to school!

Ryan starts school in the morning!! I'm SO excited for him. I loved preschool and I hope he does too! I have his outfit layers out and his (currently empty) backpack by the door. Tomorrow is orientation day and parents stay for class :) Little Miss is staying with my parents tonight so Greg and I can both go with him.

We celebrated the end of summer with lunch with Greg's family and dinner with mine. We had so much fun! 
Could three kids possibly have more fun? I think not.

It's 9pm and Ryan's tucked into bed. I have September's calendar mostly made out, except for work for the second half of the month and little things that pop up.
Over the summer I realizes that a paper calendar wasn't working for us. Now we're all color coded so its easier to tell who has what going on. (Yes, Greg filled out the color code. Please note that he is blue and titled "master". Clearly he's confused.) So far a dry erase calendar is working really well and there's more space per day.

As I write this, Greg is in Ryan's room, he woke up to the noise of our popcorn maker. We've been found out- the whole family doesn't go to bed at 8:30. Haha!

I can't wait to meet Ryan's teacher in the morning and I hope he loves preschool as much as I did!

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