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Friday, July 5, 2013

What's in a word?

Lauren has been a chatterbox lately!

I've been keeping a running tally of how many words she says, mostly so I can impress her pediatrician when we see her in September. Here's what we have so far:

Lauren's Words

  • cat
  • doggie/dog
  • Gracie (dog's name)
  • dada
  • mama
  • hi
  • out
  • pa
  • tio (uncle in Spanish)
  • eye (pointing to a stuffed friend's eyeball!)
  • baby
  • bubble
  • baba (for bottle)
I personally feel like this is AMAZING for just 16 months old, Down syndrome or not! Let me remind you, our son didn't say anything until he was 2. He was tongue-tied and had surgery to fix it one month before his second birthday. So hearing Lauren talk is just so surprising! And all of these were said correctly in context, other than baby. A baby saying "baby" is pretty much the cutest so I've been working on her saying it for a while! She finally did and then repeated it for my mom too!

So far her only consistent sign is for dog, which she uses for any animal. She is way more enthusiastic about it when she actually sees a dog though. The best is when she is signing dog repeatedly and shouting "Dog! Dog! Dog!" Then she laughs and looks around to make sure everyone is watching her, then she claps and waves. A diva in training already!

We've been working with her a ton at physical therapy and at home to work on standing up and eventually walking. Even without her Hip Helpers she has been standing up (with support) lately! She can actually kind of help me put pants on her now! Have you tried putting pants on a squirmy 16 month old who can't stand up? It's not at all easy! Now she can put some weight on her legs and hold onto my shoulders while I support her butt/body with one arm and slip her pants on with the other arm. Think that sounds tricky? Try it without her bearing weight on her legs! She's not really close to pulling up to a standing position but she does pull up to her knees! Baby steps for an adorable baby :)

Oh, and anyone have any suggestions to stop biting? She does in when she's snuggling us, she comes in for a sneak attack and chomps our arms. Some of us (ahem) have more arm chub so there's more to bite. It hurts like heck! I usually say "No biting!" and lovingly pry her face off my arm fat with my free hand.

This has been a busy and fun summer so far, that's for sure! 

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  1. If she is anything like Cate the best thing to do for biting you is to set her down immediately as you say no biting. Cate hated to be removed from someone's lap so she stopped pretty quickly.