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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Settling in

Maizy seems to be settling in nicely. She certainly loves to be a part of all the family action! Lauren had a tummy ache and subsequent gross diaper. Maizy really wanted to help! Lol.

Ryan is so happy to have a new friend. She sat in on our bedtime reading and prayers tonight.

And I am overjoyed to have a dog. I'm a dog person. To me, a dog fills a void that only a dog can fill. My heart is happy to have a canine baby! We got to meet her babies today and they were so CUTE! However, I was reminded why we chose an adult dog! Puppies are like extremely needy, furry babies.

Aren't we just the all American family? Two kids, a dog and a cat. All we need is a white picket fence :)

Maizy really likes Sofie the Giraffe. Who doesn't?! (Once again, Lauren doesn't lose fights so she definitely won possession of Sofie)


  1. Congratulations on Lauren's positive appointment and Maizy's adoption. So happy for your family.