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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Smarty pants!!

Well, I knew Lauren was smart. But it turns out that she's nearing genius level!

Just yesterday, barely even any time after first pulling up to a stand, she took 3 adorable little sideways steps while holding onto the couch to get my phone!!!

And today she said, "Bye dada!"

I haven't been blogging very much lately because I've been working kind of a lot. Life is busy. I'm not sure why I thought things would slow down in the summer. Ryan starts school September 9th and I'm looking forward to getting 4 hours a week alone time with Lauren! I get a ton of alone time with Ryan while Lauren naps and it's so, so important to me.

Lauren's still going to therapy at the University of Michigan and obviously it's doing great things for her. We haven't really gone weekly because things come up but we've gone every other week at least. We've had some fun playdates too! Both kids love other kids so it's been really fun.

Lauren has really been bad about biting lately. She actually broke the skin on my stomach today :( Lets face it, I have a lot of extra skin so there's a lot to grab ahold of! We just constantly redirect her and give her things she CAN bite. It does seem to be working but I seem to be her favorite target. I like to tell myself that I must be really sweet.

Our dog, Maizy, will be joining our family next week!! Greg and I are really excited to get started on her obedience and therapy classes in the fall! Partly just because it's something we hope to do together (hint hint to our parents aka our favorite babysitters!). Ryan is so super excited about the dog, it's adorable.

Speaking of Ryan, his fish, Swimmie, has kicked the bucket. He's now swimming around the great lake in the sky. Ryan was surprisingly not upset but didn't believe us that he was dead! He wanted to get another fish to "wake him up". LOL! And when I told Ryan that we were going to flush Swimmie down the toilet the look on his face was totally priceless. How crazy it must've sounded to his 3 year old mind! Now he keeps saying "I'm gonna miss Swimmie while he's dead." I think he doesn't quite get that he'll always be dead. But he did say, "Swimmie is in heaven so I'll never see him again.". Who knows. I was so not ready for the death talk with him! But now his mind is on Maizy so I think he's fine. He's a tender hearted kid and I have a sneaking feeling he'll get sad in a couple weeks when he realizes that he really won't see Swimmie again.

We took the kids to Chuck E Cheese! Ryan was a little young for a lot of the games but still had a great time.

Lauren was Disney-World level excited!

Ryan played a ton outside and got a free Slurpee on 7-11, then promptly fell asleep on the couch

And BIG NEWS! We got Lauren's karyotype! We knew she was cute, but I never would've guessed her chromosomes would be just as adorable! Just look at that cute little extra 21st!

I have to admit, as Lauren gets older and starts doing big-girl things, my ovaries are absolutely aching for another baby some days. And Ryan is such a boy now. I can't even really call him a toddler. Other days I can't imagine doing to whole baby-thing again. Only time will tell what we decide because we both change our minds daily. We have about a million pros and cons for both choices! At least for now I plan on just enjoying the heck out of the two miracles I already have!

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