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Monday, May 13, 2013

We're back!!

Greg and I are back from our fabulous Dominican vacation!!

This is what we did every day...

We did end up going on a "snorkeling" excursion. I put the quotations because it was barely snorkeling. They dropped us not too far from shore and told us to jump out of the boat. Not kidding! Due to my lack of swimming prowess I almost drowned, so then I hung out on the boat. The fun part came after!! We went to Saona Island, which is where the movie Blue Lagoon was filmed! It was amazing. We ate a traditional Dominican meal and swam in the very warm ocean. Then we sailed back two hours on a catamaran! It was amazing! We befriended two other couples our age and hung out with them the whole time. We drank too much (in my case WAY too much, I broke my favorite sandals!), swam a lot and had a great time. They had this big nets out on the boat that hung over the ocean and we layed on those and drank about a million rum and cokes!

We really just relaxed the rest of the week. We were sick of resort food by the end and we acted like the TGI Friday's at the Miami aiport was Mecca. I was so excited to eat a salad! There wasn't "real" lettuce in the Dominican Republic, I think it's too hot to grow it there. And I'm a salmonella freak so I probably wouldn't have eaten it anyway.

We really liked Secrets Resort and want to go back. They're opening one in Costa Rica in 2015 and I'm already harrassing Greg to plan a 7 year anniversary trip for us. I think we might still be paying off this trip by then, so my plan isn't working yet. Luckily we have him to keep us financially grounded!

I missed the kids so much, I don't think I'd go for quite so long ever again. 7 nights away from my kids is too many for me.

We had an awesome day yesterday and the best Mother's Day ever! We went to church, out to lunch with my in-laws, then Greg and Lo napped while Ryan went with his grandpa to look at trains. So I went to my grandma's and ate lunch with my parents, one of my sisters, my nephew, two of my cousins and a few of my aunts and uncles! Then I topped it off by visiting my other grandma in the hospital. (She got to come home today but unfortunately my grandpa got admitted this afternoon.) It was just exactly what I hoped for the day.

It feels great to be back and have our family together again!
(Yes, I did need to put in the last one! LOL! I am dang proud of how I look in a swim suit. I hate exercising and do it anyway, so I will shamelessly post pics of myself on here!

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  1. So glad that you had a nice time on your vacation.

    You look great, girl!