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Friday, May 24, 2013

Fun things Miss Lauren has learned to do!

I thought I'd do a quick update of all the new things Lauren has been doing lately :)

1. She can point with her index finger! It's so cute and she'll even point at something when she wants it, like her bottle, crib or the floor. She even points at my face and I kiss the tip of her cute stubby finger.

2. She can purse her lips to make a kissing face! She also does this when everyone is yelling "choo-choo!" (Can you tell we have a 3 year old boy? Haha).

3. She can pull herself up on the couch/tv stand to get to a kneeling position. This is big news for us!

4. She now can SAY dog, dada, mama and hi! She said hi to me today for the first time and I about died from cuteness overload.

5. She kissed the sidewalk yesterday at the park. Strange, I know, and not exactly a new skill. But seriously?! She is so loving she even kisses sidewalks.


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