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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I love summer!!!

I am enjoying summer time this year big time. The last two summers I was in nursing school was so stressed out I could barely function. Seriously, ask my family. My stress level was sky high. I did well in school but I had to work for it. My program was from May 2010 to August 2011. No summer break. So this is really the first summer that I can just work and be a normal person in a while!

My sister (who is due with their first baby in July) took the day off work so she came over and we took the kids to lunch and then while they napped we got a tan in the back yard! How amazing is that?

Ryan has been talking nonstop lately and I love it. He says the goofiest stuff sometimes and I don't even know where he hears it! Yesterday he said ,"Where's Greg?" when he wanted his dad. Really?? And then he gave me a hug and said, "I missed you Jackie!". He does it because he knows its funny, I didn't realize 2.5 year olds could have such a well developed sense of humor. He loves making us laugh!

And Lauren has so many cute summer outfits that I have been known to change her clothes multiple times throughout the day. She's on outfit #2 right now and it's barely 4:30, there's still time!

Lauren has her first early intervention play group/group therapy next week on Tuesday (just in time for me to get home from a 12 hour midnight shift, pick her up and get to play group. Sleep is for the weak.) I'm really excited to meet other families but I'm a little nervous that I'll be the youngest mom and feel out of place. It doesn't help that even though I'm 26 I look about 20. Not that I'm complaining about that! Also we made the appointment for Lauren to get evaluated for a helmet, it's not until the end of July so we have some time.

Happy summer everybody!!!

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  1. They'll be so gaga over Lauren they won't even notice how young you look!