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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Early On

Lauren's evaluation for Early On (Michigan's early intervention program) was today! I was extremely nervous but it went great.

I was picturing people frowning at us and sadly shaking their heads while telling me that my daughter couldn't do anything. Luckily that is SO not what happened!

It was basically four women who fell totally in love with Lauren and played with her for a little bit! They pretty much played with her, held her and asked me questions and scored based on the things she did and the answers I gave. She scored anywhere from unscorable to 4 months. She is obviously fairly delayed. But again, because of her diagnosis of Down syndrome we weren't at all surprised.

Some of the "tests" were seeing if she'd follow a flashlight with her eyes, seeing if she'd look at a piece of red yard that was dropped, if she'd look towards a bell ringing behind her (receptive language test), and seeing what she can/can't do yet physically.

We actually had a little chat before we left the house and I instructed Lauren not to show off too much. The lower she scored would mean more services she would receive. I was hoping she would qualify for a lot to be honest! We'll take all the help we can get :)

Lauren qualified for therapy twice a week!! One day will be a home visit and the other day we will take her to the local special education school for her therapy visit. This starts in September, life is about to get crazy! It seems like a lot right now so hopefully the adjustment is easy and it becomes part of our regular routine.

The coordinator for our school district seems AWESOME! She asked if it was okay to give my contact info to a family in our town who has a four month old baby boy with Down syndrome. Uh, heck yes! Hopefully we'll make a connection there. How awesome would that be for Lauren to make her first friend with Down syndrome already?! Another woman is going to come to our house next week to help me fill out the paperwork for starting therapy in the fall. If we get the paperwork done now then we can start as soon as the school year starts instead of waiting on paperwork.

And an added bonus...A stranger noticed for the very first time (well, at least vocalized it) that Lauren has Down syndrome!! I was so pumped! It was the school secretary and she said, "Oh, your daughter is beautiful! My son is 29 and he's our oldest, he actually went here for elementary school!" It was at the special needs elementary school, where the Early On and Head Start is coordinated. I mean, I know she works with kids with special needs and is probably better at recognizing babies with Down syndrome, but still. So exciting! I don't know why it makes me so happy that someone noticed, but it does.

Most importantly...LAUREN GOT HER EARS PIERCED!!!!! She only cried for a minute and I love it!! Its hard to get a great picture because her chubby cheeks kind of eclipse her ears in photos, but here's a picture.

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