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Thursday, June 28, 2012


Today while grocery shopping a guy was staring at Lauren. I generally don't mind staring because I think people just like to look at cute babies! And a lot of people stare a little more at Lauren, I think because they're trying to decide if Lauren has Down syndrome. It doesn't offend me even a tiny bit, honest!

Buut.... this guy took it a little too far. He asked if I was a Christian, made the sign of the cross over Lauren, touched her foot and then kissed his hand.

Had it been a kind old man or woman (I love old people) I would've been very touched and thought it was nice. Had it been a nun it would've been in the top 5 best moments of my life. (I love nuns even more than I love old people, which is saying a lot). It was a guy in his 50's and I got a creepy vibe.

I just said, "Uh, thanks." and booked it for any other area in Meijer where this guy was not.

It was definitely a Down syndrome thing. Our first public comment! And it was weeeeiird. I feel kind of bad for being creeped out, maybe he was an angel or something. I don't know. And I'm thrilled it was a nice comment, but... I felt creepy crawly and probably should've had somebody walk me to my car.

Why do I continue to grocery shop at night? Nobody (except for me, obviously) has good intentions at Meijer after 9pm.


  1. Don't feel bad for being creeped out. It was weird. It's not okay for someone to touch someone else's baby without asking. Trust your instincts! On the other hand, Lauren really does just naturally draw people in, which is a sign of her great blossoming personality!

  2. I agree - I would have been freaked out too!