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Monday, June 18, 2012

Learning to fly...among other things

Lauren's 4 month well visit with her pediatrician was today! It's so crazy and awesome that we're on a typical schedule for pediatrician visits. We don't go back until September 10th!

Lauren had to get 3 shots today. The only shots she'd had before were the Vitamin K vaccine they give in the hospital at birth and a Synagis injection to protect her from RSV right before she was admitted to the hospital. They wanted us to wait 6 weeks after surgery for any vaccines. Anyway, she did SO GOOD with her shots!! She cried for about 2.5 seconds and then fell asleep. I think she was tired because instead of letting me go back to sleep taking a morning nap she stayed up and chatted from 6am until noon! She was supposed to get an oral vaccine too but apparently we missed the window and she's too old to get it. I don't think its a huge deal.

Great news: We got the okay to get Lauren's ears pierced!!! So far it looks like the big day will be this Wednesday! I'll post pictures after (as if you ever doubted it). I'm SO excited!!!

She's definitely developmentally delayed if you look at the typical milestone charts. Not a surprise! The pediatrician seemed to tiptoe around saying it, I'm not totally sure why. I think maybe she was trying to be nice? It was very sweet of her but I'm not really sad about it at all. I thought I would be, but I'm not. I'm just happy that she's so healthy!! The pediatrician recommended definitely starting Early Intervention- which is great because Lauren's evaluation is actually this Wednesday! I'm so excited! I can't wait to get things moving and start working towards some goals. We're planning on private therapy as well.

(For those not familiar with private therapy or Early Intervention.... We or our insurance company (fingers crossed) will pay for therapy for Lauren with private therapy. EI is funded through the state and they will come to our house for different therapies to help Lauren work towards self-feeding, eating from a spoon, making noises, speech, rolling, crawling, walking, and learning to fly.... Wait, you didn't know that kids with Down syndrome can fly?! )

Not so awesome news: Lauren will probably need a helmet to fix her flat head. Not the biggest deal ever, obviously. Our son had a helmet from 6-12 months old. He lived. He bashed us in the face numerous times. It was pretty cute, our orthotics office has really cute patterns to choose from. Ryan's was the American flag! They have lots of cute girly patterns for Lauren to pick from. I'm totally letting her pick out her own ;)  Her head is flat on one side. It's positional- from laying on the same spot on her head. When we move it the way we want her to look she just moves it back. The pediatrician says she would say it's mild to moderate plagiocephaly (flat head) but since Lauren isn't anywhere near sitting up or crawling it will most likely continue to get worse or stay the same so she thinks a helmet will be a good idea. The specialist will evaluate her and make an official recommendation. The window period to achieve desired results is fairly small so I'm glad we got the referral! Insurance should cover it fully, especially with Lauren's secondary coverage. We go in a couple of weeks.

I'm not sure why the helmet thing is bugging me- we've been there, done that! But it is. I feel like she's got enough going on without adding a helmet into the mix. We really liked the orthotics team last time so hopefully we get to see the same doctor!

Overall it was a great visit and in the pediatrician's words Lauren is "doing awesome"! She said Lauren is like a totally different baby than before surgery! Now all that's left is teaching her to fly :)

This is how she sleeps! Super cute, but her head is mighty flat on that side. Isn't she such a sweet sleeper??


  1. Hey Jackie-- I'm passing the Kreativ Blogger Award onto you.. Hope you'll participate! http://familyinnes.blogspot.com/2012/06/kreativ-blogger-woo-hoo.html

    P.S. I love looking at Lauren. She is just so darn cute.

  2. For the flat head, could you try using the sleep poistioner?
    We use it, of course, that means side sleeping, but it has helped us.

  3. Our pediatrician said not to, especially since she doesn't turn her head