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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lauren's first cardiology appointment

We had Lauren's first cardiology appointment today. It went just as expected and there were no surprises! Lauren had an EKG done and they checked her blood pressure in her arm and her leg to make sure they were the same. They were!

The doctor decided to start her on a small dose of Lasix, which is a diuretic. Lauren's breathing is a bit fast and not as deep as they'd like so she's showing some signs of fluid volume overload. This medication will help keep her fluids and electrolytes stable and exactly how they should be. I didn't expect her to need medication this early, but the cardiologist assured me that it's not a bad thing and that they expect symptoms to pop up. She said they would actually be concerned if we got to a certain point without symptoms because it could mean her pressures weren't responding to the hole in her heart. We need the pressures to respond so that surgery can fix it!

We'll be going back to see the cardiologist weekly until Lauren's surgery this summer. That is a lot of doctor's appointments! But it will ensure that Lauren is as healthy as possible until her surgery can be done.

I've been feeling really stressed and a little down about the fact that Lauren needs open heart surgery. It obviously wasn't a surprise, we've known for what seems like forever. But it didn't seem real until she she was born. And I'm terrified to be completely honest. Good thing we have four months to prepare! Please pray for this mama to feel peace and calm about it.

The good news is that Lauren is gaining weight! She's already gained 3oz since her birth just ten days ago! And she gets cuter by the day, obviously. Her big brother Ryan is getting more comfortable with her every day and loves to "help" her "play" on her jungle excercise mat. I can't wait to watch them become the best of friends (and sometimes enemies, they are siblings after all!) and it's been really awesome to see my little man take on the big brother role.

Thanks for reading and we would greatly appreciate your continued prayers!

P.S. Do you like our first photo as a family of four?! Lauren was apparently shy!


  1. Congratulations!!! Lauren is gorgeous....I am so happy to hear that her cardiology appointment went well. So so great. =) Can't wait to follow her progress.

  2. Oh sorry, I should have clarified that my hunky dory comment is coming from someone whose son has been through open heart surgery and I know that many babies sometimes need open heart surgery right away. So when I hear that Lauren is just on a little Lasix, feeding well and gaining weight I rejoice! And I promise, you will get through the heart surgery....I promise. I will be hard and there is nothing I can do or say to ease your nervousness or anxiety....but she is in the best hands with those doctors and the surgery will do wonders for her when she is ready to have it. On the flip side, heart surgery to us seems like s distant memory and while it is very top of mind right now for you - I can tell you that we got through it - and Julian's scar is practically invisible one year after surgery....and we are so happy it is behind us. You can check out my blog http://blog.gretchenmather.com for some of what we went through with surgery in January 2011...scroll to those posts. Feel free to contact me with any questions at all!

  3. Thank you so much, its awesome to hear encouragement from a BTDT mom!!