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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Probably being admitted to the hospital

Well, Lauren's cardiology appointment was today. She still isn't gaining weight and according to the cardiologist's scale, she's lost 5oz over the last week. The plan was to admit her to the hospital today but there wasn't a bed available.

They've been having us add powdered formula to her breast milk to give it more calories so we're all hoping that works. So far it isn't though. We go back to the regular pediatrician tomorrow to check Lauren's weight on their scale since her appointment with them on Monday. If it's not up significantly she'll be admitted to the hospital, hopefully just for a day or two. The cardiologist thinks we'll need to be admitted. Clearly I want what's best for Lauren, but I wish that could be accomplished 100% at home so our family can be together.

The plan is to increase her dosage of Lasix, add aldactone (another diuretic) and possibly start digoxin (a heart medication) as well. The cardiologist thinks that if we can get her meds straightened around she may eat better and thus gain weight. If not we may have to start some NG tube feedings, which is a tube from her nose to her stomach. I didn't think this would be needed until much closer to surgery so I'm definitely stressed out. We're hoping for a super short hospital stay.

Please keep praying for Lauren and our family. Having a baby in the hospital is not ideal, that's for sure, and we have our 2 year old to think about as well. My husband will still have to go to work so we'll be juggling lots of things to keep life as normal as possible for our little guy as well as make sure I can be with Lauren as much as possible.

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  1. I am sorry this is happening sooner than you anticipated. I know, when Morgan was born we didn't know she was going to be sick and I had already been away from Peyton in and out of the hospital and it was hard. Then Morgan was admitted more times than I can count. I don't think people understand how hard it is to have to CHOSE between what child needs you most. In our case, it was almost worse since Peyton has special needs too, she had appointments she couldn't miss, etc. It's very difficult. It will get easier though, I promise.