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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Weird appointment

I started my twice-weekly doctors appointments this week! They will do a non-stress test at every appointment, which monitors the baby's hearbeat and any contractions I have.

Today was just overall a weird appointment I think. My OB wasn't there, so I was told I'd be seeing a different OB for today. I ended up seeing a nurse midwife, who was extremely abrasive.

When I was checked in, the office nurse asked why I was having the monitoring done. I explained that it was because the baby has Down syndrome. She right away said, "Oh, I'm so sorry!". This really doesn't offend me, people don't know what to say. But it was a little weird to hear at the doctor's office. She then went on about how I'll "Love her anyway" and whatnot. Again, not the most professional but whatever. She hooked me up on the monitors and said she'd check on me in about 20 minutes.

Well, 20 minutes later a nurse midwife came in. She right away says, "Really? NST's twice a week? That's weird. Are you contracting or leaking fluid?"

Her tone was so condescending and she came off as so abrasive, I froze! I just said, "Uh, yeah." She didn't ask why, I didn't feel the need to tell her. She asked if I had an appointment with my OB this week and I told her that I didn't, I thought I'd see an OB at these appoinments (that's what the scheduler told me!). She just said, "Well, I guess we'll see you back on Friday then."

What the heck? It was just weird. I felt like I was being talked down to and I really didn't appreciate it. I have an appointment on Friday and I sincerely hope it isn't with her. I also hope I really do get to see my OB at these appointments. I'm there twice a week, I'd rather not come in a third time.

My OB told me (and I've found through networking and research) that the extra monitoring is standard in my situation. I would've really appreciated for the nurse midwife to have read my chart before barging in and acting like I just showed up on my own.

She said that everything looked fine though, so that's good news! We'll see what Friday's appointment brings. Hopefully a better disposition...

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  1. ((hugs)) those nurses can be so rude sometimes! <3 Thinking of you on Friday...