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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lauren's birthday is scheduled!

Although I had a small run-in with preterm labor earlier this week, my doctor was ready to schedule my c-section! Drumroll please.....

Lauren's birthday is on the books for February 17th!!!

I can't believe we're in the home stretch. 4 weeks left until I get to hold my daughter! 29 days!!! I never knew I could have a level of anticipation this high! Obviously there will probably be some characteristics that we attribute to Down syndrome but I can't WAIT to see how she takes after my husband and myself! I hope she has my hair!!

When I went for my scheduled appointment on Monday I was having contractions 3 minutes apart and my cervix had begun dilating. I won't be checked again for a while, and even then only if my contractions continue. So far I'm still having them daily, but they aren't regular. If I am able to stay pregnant until February 17th I'll have a planned c-section. If Lauren should decide to join us a little early, I may be able to try to have her naturally. I obviously don't want her to be early, but the upside would be possibly not needing a c-section!

I am SO excited that we get to meet our miracle so soon! I'm also thrilled about the idea of not being pregnant! Two babies in two years is fun and exactly what we planned...but I'm excited at the idea of wearing jeans that button and zip again in the near future (hopefully! I need a gym membership!)

Just wanted to update everyone :)

OH!! And my last ultrasound was on Tuesday (and probably my last for the rest of my pregnancy...sniff sniff) and the tech said Lauren has a LOT of hair!! Good thing she already has tons of hair bows!

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