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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Great news all around!

I had another long day at U of M today. I met with the fetal cardiology team for a fetal echo of Lauren's heart and then I met with the high risk OB team (maternal fetal medicine or MFM) for a growth scan to see how Lauren has grown over the last 3 weeks.

There was no change in the fetal echo, which is great! The cardiologist I met with today said to expect surgery around 3 months old. The surgeon, whom we met with last month) said to expect surgery around 4-6 months old. So, basically nothing there is different and Lauren will have surgery when her symptoms show it's time!

Here's for the AWESOME news!

Lauren jumped from the 9th percentile to the 20th percentile and is no longer growth restricted!!!! She weighs almost 5lbs already! Her femurs (leg bones) are still measuring about 3 weeks behind, which does factor into her growth percentile. Which is amazing because it means even though her legs are measuring short, her abdoment is measuring right on target! And they took some great 3-D pictures :)

I still will be monitored closely until the end of my pregnancy, twice a week non-stress tests. But the cardiology team doesn't feel they need to see me again since Lauren will be born next month (next month!!!) and they will just do an echo of her heart when she arrives. The high risk team doesn't need to see me again unless my OB wants one more growth scan before delivery.

I asked about time in the NICU, which has been my main concern. I really want to be able to take her home when I'm discharged. The cardiologist said they'll definitely want to observe her in the NICU for at least a few hours. If she's doing okay and not too sleepy to eat and can keep her oxygen levels up it shouldn't be a problem for her to go home with us. They might keep her a day or two longer than they keep me, but we're now able to anticipate a full term delivery and a very short NICU stay!

Praise GOD! Only 5 weeks until I get to meet my daughter!!!!


  1. I'm so happy things are going well!! Keeping you and Lauren and your whole family in my prayers. <3

  2. Such good news! Praying Lauren continues to stay put!