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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

32 Week OB appointment...lots of info!

Well I met with my doctor today...

My OB said I definitely won't see my due date! Baby is tiny so he wants to wait until after the next echo and growth scan to even think about a delivery. He said he thinks I'll be okay to make it to 34 weeks (2 weeks from now!!!) but everything depends on my Monday/Thursday monitoring appointments and growth scans.

If anything looks not great I'll get steroid shots to mature her lungs in case if early delivery. She's in the 9th9th percentile which is considered IUGR but not severe IUGR so its definitely safer for her to be an inside baby! He said a 37/38 week delivery will be fine so we're just hoping every NST, growth scan and echo looks perfect. He said anything otherwise will mean she'll be earlier. So we're most likely having a January baby.

Our goal at this point is to keep her an "inside baby" for as long as possible! I asked about when we would schedule the c section date and he said we're kind of playing it by ear at this point and he doesn't want to schedule anything until after my growth scan on January 12th.

We've known we'd be facing some time in the NICU but lets all hope and pray that we have a very short stay!

I start start seeing my OB twice a week starting next week. I'll go on Mondays and Thursdays. I can't believe I'm so close to meeting my daughter!!! I really hope she bakes for several more weeks, but I am so excited!!! She must be pretty excited to meet me too ;)


  1. I'm sooo excited about meeting Lauren! And I'm so glad I found your blog - you guys are in for a blessing and a half with this girl. Down syndrome is actually quite a positive thing in a lot of ways! God bless you and keep us posted. :)

  2. Hi! I dont know you but I found your blog on the The Bump, and I think you are amazingly strong and that Lauren is lucky to have you as her mom already. I like to think that if faced with the same challenges as you, that I'd respond with as much grace and courage. I'm not sure if you saw this, but it's a great thing for all people with disabilities and I wanted to share it with you.

  3. I have enjoyed your blog so much - I have a niece who is seven months old and she was born with Down's however noone knew including my brother and sister in law. ALl the tests were negative. SHE is such a blessing to our family. If you haven't done so already there is a you tube video out there you can type in the search engine Maddoxx Lucille - the video will blow you away. Stay stron and God is in control.