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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Uh oh!

Lauren is being so toddlerrific lately! It's cute and frustrating.

Yep, she's realized she can stand up and reach our junk drawer and pull magnets off the fridge. See that white shelf? That's where Maizy's food and water are supposed to go. We have to move the water every day because well, Lauren loves water! She gets this little gleam in her eye and crawls lightning fast over to splash around. So cute! And so frustrating. Toddlers.

Speakin of Maizy...She got a haircut. It's NOT what we wanted and I am so embarrassed for her! She's also cold and is now even more Velcro-dog than normal (which seemed impossible!) okay, I'll show you a picture...
She doesn't even look like the same dog!! I can't wait for her hair to grow back!

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