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Monday, October 7, 2013

Family is everything :)

Both kids seem just so big to me lately!

Ryan is already going to be 4 in December. How is that even possible?! Didn't I just bring him home from the hospital?

Lauren is already 20 months (on the 12th) and crawling, chatting and really turning into a toddler. Luckily she's still my tiny peanut at 21lbs and loves to be carried around (on her terms! Did I mention she's turning into a toddler?)

I just feel so incredibly thankful for my family. My amazing husband of 5 years, though this winter marks 12 years together. Our two perfect children. What more could we ask for?

I'm feeling so sentimental today! Ryan had a sleepover with his grandma and is helping "babysit" his favorite baby cousin. Lauren are breakfast and is happily playing with her toys, allowing me to drink my coffee and blog. 

Greg and I are joining a small group of couples starting this week, hopefully! And we might join a young marrieds class at church as well. We're excited to make friends! Our Wednesday night group is a family thing so the kids will all join in and Satirday night has childcare, so it looks like our kids will become quite the social butterflies!

And to tie this all into Down syndrome awareness month- I never, ever imagined my life would be this full when we first got Lauren's diagnosis. What a difference time (and reality!) makes, huh? 

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