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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lauren's first field trip!

Lauren's baby group had their first field trip of the year! We went to a cider mill. We got to see animals, go on a hayride, eat donuts and drink cider. Perfect fall fun!

Lauren LOVED the cow they had. She kept barking at it and gesturing for it to come over to her. That's exactly what she does to the dog but the difference is the dog listens! The cow was markedly less impressed with her communication skills.

She was even so polite as to calmly hand me each adorable tennis shoe instead of chucking them off the wagon ride! She really liked the donuts (who doesn't) and was just so sweet. I love having time with just the two of us like that. I get it a lot with Ryan because Lauren naps every day. Ryan is my grocery shopping buddy, my walking buddy, my quick-trip-to-wherever buddy. It's really nice now that Ryan is in school a couple days a week that I can have the same experiences with Lauren.

Ryan is loving school and growing like a weed. Greg said to me yesterday, "When did he become such a big boy?" It is truly mind boggling how fast these kiddos are growing up.

Lauren and I start MOPS tomorrow! It's Mothers of Preschoolers. Our church hosts quite the large group and we're excited to get involved. There's childcare for the kids and adult time for the moms! Several of my MOPS friends are pregnant or have newborns so it's pretty much a guarantee I'll catch baby fever this year. I think Greg is scared, haha. Adding another squishy baby to our family is a few years off so I'm enjoying the ones I have!

I'm off to the Detroit Tigers game with my twin sister tonight! A kid free night for both of us :)

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